By the Everton Fan Advisory Board (20 February 2023)

In January, the FAB held a series of open meetings with supporters with the aim of submitting questions to the Everton Board of Directors, in light of the growing concerns and dissatisfaction about the strategic direction and running of the Club. 

The FAB thanks all those supporters who attended both the in person and online meetings. It is critical that the views and opinions of Evertonians are heard.

EFC committed to answer the questions in full. The majority shareholder, Farhad Moshiri, also met with the Chair of the FAB to address those questions that he was best placed to respond to as the owner of the Club. Since submitting the questions and since the interview was held, the FAB has continued to urge the Club to respond in a transparent and timely manner.

Today, we are publishing the Club’s response to the questions in full. The Club has informed us that the responses have been prepared by the Board of Directors, its Executive Leadership Team and Senior Leadership Team.


We welcome the Club’s commitment to respond to the questions submitted.

However, we remain concerned about the lack of recognition from the Club about the legitimate concerns being expressed by many supporters about the Club’s current situation and the need for further clarity in a number of key areas. 

In its response, the Club refers to its “overarching vision…to re-establish Everton amongst football’s elite”. Whilst we would expect that this is a vision shared by all Evertonians, it is clear that our performance on and off the pitch has shown we are some way from achieving that.

We have been extremely concerned about the lack of proactive visible leadership, communication and engagement with the supporter base at a time when it has been needed most. This situation is unacceptable, and we urge the Club to address it. It is what Evertonians deserve.

We will also be seeking further clarification on a number of areas such as future ownership of the Club, commercial performance, strengthening governance, stadium financing and future supporter engagement and communications. We next meet with the Club on Tuesday 28 February.

Everton’s response can be viewed by following this link.