The Fan Advisory Board (FAB) is an independent body for in-depth consultation with Everton’s hierarchy, including members of the Club’s Board of Directors. 

The proposal for a FAB for Everton was developed after the Club asked the Everton Stakeholder Steering Group (ESSG) to look at how fans could best be represented at Board level, following the Government’s fan-led review of football’s future. This came in the wake of the failed attempt by 12 clubs to create a European Super League in April 2021. FAN-LED REVIEW

The ESSG sought and considered the views of Evertonians drawn from a wide range of sources, including email submissions to the Everton Fans’ Forum, a series of stakeholder workshops with fan group representatives, independent online forums, and the results of a survey undertaken by Everton Football Club. 

The Club’s own survey identified that 91 per cent of respondents supported the creation of a committee or custodian group to help advise the Board on key fan-related matters.  

Under the Terms of Reference , the FAB operates independently and is consulted on:

  • Everton’s strategic vision and objectives;
  • Any proposals relating to Everton heritage;
  • Everton’s plans for broader supporter engagement;
  • Escalation, as agreed, of issues from organisations and supporter groups that engage in separate structured dialogue with the Club;
  • Everton’s stadium relocation and the subsequent Goodison Legacy Project;
  • Finance and revenue generation; and
  • Governance, regulation and compliance

Yes, the officers of the Fan Advisory Board are a Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Secretary. They are elected at a FAB meeting on an annual/seasonal basis and the management of this process will be adjudicated by a member of the FAB who is not seeking election as an officer. 

The FAB comprises 11 members, each over the age of 18, who represent the diversity of the fanbase. 

The 11 positions of the FAB will be made up of seven ‘reserved’ and four ‘unreserved’ seats:

The seven reserved seats will be represented by one member from each of the following supporter groups: 

  • Everton Disabled Supporters’ Club (EDSA)
  • Everton Fans’ Forum
  • Everton Supporters’ Club Committee
  • Everton Heritage Society
  • Everton Women Supporters’ Club
  • A representative of Everton’s International Supporters’ Club network
  • A Football Supporters' Asssociation Evertonian

The four unreserved seats will be determined by an open and independently-verified election to appoint: 

  • One Everton shareholder
  • One Evertonian representing a group with a protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act (2010)
  • Two Evertonians, with a supporter number, but no further eligibility requirements apply

No members of the Fan Advisory Board will receive payment, benefit or preferential treatment from Everton Football Club. 

The FAB will meet independently without club representation on a monthly basis. All meeting minutes will be made available to the wider fanbase once approved at the subsequent FAB meeting. 

Additionally, the FAB will meet with Everton Football Club executives on at least a quarterly basis, with guaranteed attendance of a representative from the Everton Board of Directors at all meetings. A public record outlining discussions at each meeting will be made available via Club and Fan Advisory Board channels.