By the Everton Fan Advisory Board (25 September 2023)

The Everton Fan Advisory Board (FAB) will be holding an online fan engagement session with Everton supporters following the recent statement from the club regarding Mr Moshiri’s intention to sell his majority shareholding to the 777 Partners.

The announcement left fans with important questions and the Fan Advisory Board subsequently contacted Everton to request an urgent meeting with 777 to obtain some answers. The Club have confirmed that 777 has agreed to meet the FAB.

In readiness for that meeting, we would like to hear from the fans, so we will be holding an online supporter engagement session via Zoom on Thursday 28 September at 7pm (BST) and we urge supporters to let us know your concerns and the questions you would like us to ask.

Topics that we already intend to cover with 777 are:

  • the multi-club model they operate
  • the financial security to ensure that the Club operates sustainably
  • the impact on funding for the new stadium
  • the appointment of a top performing Board
  • their plans to understand the values and traditions of our great football club


Other potential topics for discussion at the meeting are Everton’s recently published Fan Engagement Plan and reported issues regarding stewarding at the Brentford game.

Due to Zoom limitations, Thursday’s meeting will be limited to 100 participants and fans are invited to send an email containing their name to [email protected] to register their attendance.

Like our fellow fans, the FAB is aware that there has been a huge gap in communications about the Club’s future direction, which has unfortunately resulted in the erosion of trust between the Club and the fanbase. Supporters rightly want to know more about what a future under 777 might look like, how meaningful engagement can be restored, and the plans for rebuilding trust with this Club’s greatest asset – the supporters.