When the FAB was first formed from 2021-22, the decision was taken to stagger the tenures of the directly elected roles, so that, while some members would stay on into the following season, some vacancies would come up for election each year and there would be continuity. This is the best way to ensure the FAB is most effective and is working consistently on behalf of the fan base.

The voting has now opened to elect two new members to the FAB for the 2024-25 season.

There are two vacant categories: One shareholder and one FSA member. The shareholder role is for a three-year tenure and the FSA member is for one year.

When you follow the voting link, you will see three candidates shortlisted for the shareholder position and three for the FSA member position. All candidates are Everton members and only fans with an Everton membership (as of 1 May 2024) can vote. You will be asked to sign in with your details, in order to vote.

When you get to the voting page, before clicking on the voting button, simply click on each candidate’s name beside the button to read their biography, which may help you in making your decision.