By Everton Fan Advisory Board (09 October 2023)

The Everton Fan Advisory Board (FAB) has published a list of questions and concerns raised by Everton fans regarding the proposed takeover by 777. 

The FAB hosted a fan engagement session on September 28th with supporters from the wider fanbase to provide an opportunity to pose questions, raise concerns and offer their perspectives about the planned acquisition by 777. In addition to those attending on the night, supporters also submitted feedback via emails, direct messages and phone calls. 

The FAB’s Business & Technology group collated and consolidated all feedback and comments into a series of questions covering the main themes that were raised. 

FAB Chair Dave Kelly: “I’d like to thank Evertonians for giving up their time to attend the meeting and provide feedback. At what is a critical time for our club, it’s clear that there are a number of questions that the fanbase has about this proposed deal. A wide range of issues were raised, including 777’s overall strategy and plan for success at Everton, financial security and the implications for the development and ownership of the new Everton Stadium and ensuring that the highest quality leadership is in place. 

We shared the questions with 777 last Friday (6th) and asked them to review and respond at the earliest opportunity, in line with their stated commitment to engage with Everton’s fanbase.”

The list of questions can be viewed here.